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Spiral Aurora

That spiral shape is fascinating. Aurorae are formed when charged particles from the Sun slam into the Earth’s magnetic field and interact with it. They’re channeled down into our atmosphere, guided by the Earth’s field, and the shape of the aurora reflects the underlying magnetic field lines. They take on fantastic shapes, including spirals like this, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen curled in a way so well-defined and crisp.

Supersolid, with a Twist

According to computer simulations, atoms in solid helium can flow without friction when arranged in a regular, spiral structure.

Another spiral “UFO” lights up the sky. And it IS a spaceship.

Pretty cool, huh? People are claiming it’s a spaceship… and they’re right. But it’s not an alien spaceship. It’s from Russia.

BIG NEWS - The Spiral is Now Interplanetary

Spirals on Mars

Athabasca Valles is a near-equatorial martian outflow channel that contains many well-preserved features whose formation and composition have been a point of contention. Large plates of terrain that have clearly fractured and drifted may have once been ice rafts or the rocky solidification crust of a large lava flow. We have identified 269 spiral coils ranging from 5 to 30 meters wide on the polygonally patterned interplate terrain that are morphologically consistent with terrestrial lava coils that form in zones of flow shear.

Brand New Website

Bigger, stronger, wiser, and more better!! And it comes with that complimentary new website smell which everybody loves!

We hope you enjoy the new layout and all it has to offer; this website has been a long time coming...

If you have any photo sets from past telepathic events, and you would like to contribute them to our website for all to view, it would be greatly appreciated.

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The Mayan Calendar International Rainbow Gathering has been confirmed for Oaxaca, Mexico this December, 2012. All TELEPATHIC FAMILY shall converge at "Cocina Telepatica" (Telepathic Kitchen) at the Rainbow Gathering. Extremely dedicated cosmic warriors shall continue on to the pyramids together from there. this is HUGE people, already tingling at the thought!

Fall Ball Thanks!

MANY THANKS to all the staff and bands that made the Fall Ball such an incredible success!! Thanks to Kenny, Screech, Streaky, Pookie, Bo and Shell Dangle, Brook, Trevor, Moe Meyer, Donnie Jesus, Gravy, Davey, Buster, Clay, Papa and Mama Bear, Drew, Danielle, John Ivey, Chef Papa, Sara Surrealia, Mike and Allen, Jeremy and Melissa, Bear and Jen, Brian and T Boogie, and anyone else that has temporarily slipped my mind....WE LOVE YOU!!


here is the order in which the acts will appear, starting at 4:20pm on Sat. Oct. 1st-

  • Tennessee Jed 4:20pm-5:20
  • CinderCat 5:40-6:40
  • The Native Sway 7:00-8:30
  • ... Vertigo Jazz Project 8:50-10:20
  • Discordian Society 10:40-12:10am
  • Sonmi Suite 12:30-2:00
  • Agobi Project 2:20-3:50
  • Woodwork 4:10- ????
  • Surrealia Late/Early as hell

with a possible Extra Special Powerful surprise closer on Sunday morning!